Thanks to our ever-increasing demand for organic foods, choice & availability is greater than ever. Yet, there are many conflicting answers to questions such as: “Why eat organic? What are the benefits? Are all organic foods non-GMO?”

What is the meaning of organic food?
Organic food is farmed using sustainable and environmentally friendly systems without
any pesticides and fertilizers. Organic food contains no artificial ingredients or

What does “Certified Organic” mean?
Certified organic is a government accreditation earned after products are proven to have been grown in accordance with strict rules. Certification involves constant examination of producers’ growing methodologies, farm fields, water and processing facilities. All Organic Bazaar products are certified by Canadian and international agencies.

Is organic food healthier?
Yes, because it has greater amounts of nutrients and none of the herbicides, fungicides and insecticides that are potentially harmful to your health.

Is organic food completely free of pesticides?
Yes. Certified organic products are free of toxins, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

Do organic farmers ever apply pesticides?
Yes, but, only natural, government approved botanical pesticides are allowed to be utilized. Botanicals are derived from plants and are broken down quickly by oxygen and sunlight.

Is organic food better for you?
Yes, confirm medical and health experts. Research shows chemical-free growing practices produces healthier crops and, in turn, stronger bodies.

Is organic food genetically modified?
No. Buying 100% certified and labeled organic products means there were no bioengineering processes. Canadian and US government approved labeling is your assurance of purity and quality.

Is organic food more expensive than traditional produce?
No. Prices for organic food are dependent on the same factors impacting traditional goods including growing, harvesting, transportation and storage. Prices for all produce fluctuate. Bottom line, your health is priceless.

Where can I find certified organic foods?
Browse our products to discover the vast variety of delicious and healthy products available from our retailers and their locations.

Where can I get more information on organic food online?
Do visit this excellent information on organic foods sites:

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